What do location fixers do?

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Who are Location Fixers?

If you’re looking to film abroad, you’ll be thinking about hiring a location fixer. Your friendly fixer is someone who lives locally and is familiar with their host country.  They have a great network of contacts who work with them to help you with your production planning, logistics, translation, location and crew sourcing, or anything else you might need.
Did you know that many local fixers have worked in TV in some capacity? This experience can help them to understand your production needs immediately.  They know the industry well and can work around the demands of tight budgets and schedules.

What does a Location Fixer do?

Before you arrive in your country of choice to film, a location fixer can help find you some great locations remotely. They can send you detailed notes and brief you on costs before you have even stepped foot on the location.  They are on hand to liaise with the government office to get your special visas and filming permits before you arrive, amongst other things.
Location Fixers are also a dab hand at sourcing local actors and extras via casting agents. They have a great network of contacts up their sleeve to find any behind-the-scenes crews you might need, such as camera operators, directors, gaffers, and sound engineers.  They can find costumes and props. Whilst working with work with teams of translators, make sure that all your pre-arrival paperwork has ticked all the correct boxes.

Your fixer can also help find excellent accommodation for you and your team to stay in and organise anything from airport pickups to aerial filming. Worried about travelling with excess baggage and tons of equipment, then your location fixer can fix this too – and will know where to hire locally.
These are just some of the things an excellent location fixer can do for you and help take the worry out of filming when not on common ground. They use their specialist local and cultural knowledge, alongside a great contact book to really make things happen for film, TV and commercials crews.

So, next time you’re looking to film abroad, why not look up the services of a location fixer and see how we can help you make your production run more smoothly.